Norms & Conditions

Norms & Conditions for the Members/functionaries

1.  All the Functionaries are expected to have complete knowledge of the constitution and all the laws. If any Functionaries does not have comprehensive knowledge, he should ask help from other officials.

2.  Every member should transfer knowledge of the constitution and laws to every member in the organization.

3.  No Functionaries or member should create e-mail or website in his own name. The organization’s email and website will be considered valid.

4.  All the Functionaries are hereby informed that the letter-head of the organization will be used by the state president only.  

5.  AIHRO Members are not authorized to issue any kind of letters to any department without consent and written permission of Founder President, AIHRO and their respective state President AIHRO. AIHRO will not be responsible for any such behavior and will take strict action against anybody found guilty.

6.  A person having an ID Card with no hologram and bar code or fake hologram and bar code is not a member of AIHRO. Also after the Validity End of ID Card no member/functionary can use it for any purpose.

7.  AIHRO will cancel the membership if got any serious complaint and will set up inquire committee with the related issue.

8.  To take up effective, reasonable and lawful steps from the National Governing Body.

9.  To nominate and cancellation authority to any nominated post by the authority of Founder President.

10.           If any functionary or member is found guilty of misusing his post. Necessary steps under the provisions of the law of state will be initiated and by default he ceases to be the member of the AIHRO.

11. Organization's membership forms, ID Card, Affidavit, Norms and Conditions, the aims and Objectives will be framed/issued by the National Governing Body specifically and as such no outside/UN-official format/copy will not be accepted. If anybody found irregularities in this regards, the offender may be dealt through institution of legal action.

12. The main function of the state/district/taluk committee is to keep awake and vigil on the human rights violations taking place in respective areas. The district and taluk committee must be prepared to rush to meet victims of such violations as soon as the incidents take place. They can take immediate attention and act upon such incidents by informing state committee. The District/Taluk must intimate serious and important incidents to the State committee for taking by the issue to higher levels like State/Central Governments, National Human Rights Commission/State Human Rights Commission, Courts etc.

13. Information, not legal advice. The material provide on the human rights is designed for educational and informational purposes only and should not be used as a substitute for professional legal advice about your situation. If you are in need of legal advice. Please consult a lawyer or a legal aid society in your state/street/area. 

14. Maintain Independence and put India's National Interest First.